Watch your presentations
 where, how and when
you want.

Technically Speaking

We believe that if you organise a conference or event you should make it work harder for you than just the day.

Because of this we designed our "SynchCasts" (synchronised webcasts) allow you to show:

what you want

Normal View

This is the normal view of the presentation - the video and slides are the shown by side - with approximately the same dimensions

Slide Focus

You can change the view to see the slides as the main focus

Speaker Focus

or the video as the main focus.

Slide Only

or only the slides.

Speaker Only

or only the speaker

You can switch between speaker on left or right,

speed up or slow down the video and view all aspects in normal or full screen mode.

where you want

We host the presentations for you. This ensures rapid turnaround - once you've signed off on the presentation it can be made live immediately.
You can then show the presentation to your clients from:

Your website

We give you a simple code which you can embed in your web page.

The presentation then appears as though the presentation is hosted by you, an example of this can be seen at:

Your media centre

We can create & host a media centre for you which enables you to present all of your presentations to your audience in one place. As you approve your talks they can immediately be released with no additional effort from you. You can include the media centre within your own web page or we can give you a URL which you can link to.

An example of this can be seen at:

We can give you an embed code which allows you to show the latest presentation on your website as soon as it has been published to your media centre.

Your conference app

Our Conference App gives you another avenue for your presentations to help you.

Let last year's presentation help you promote this years' event.

Give your event and sponsors more exposure by presenting the presentations on your app after the event.

The presentations can be available to everyone or you can restrict your audience by password protection.

Or we provide you with a user friendly link

how you want

Our presentations can be viewed on computers, tablets and smart phones.

when you want

Publish everything after the event or schedule the release of the talks.